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Raidis Estate

2025 Winter Lumina: A Solstice Soiree

2025 Winter Lumina: A Solstice Soiree
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Join us for an enchanting evening under the winter sky at Raidis Estate Wines. Experience the symbolic burning of the goat effigy, set your intentions for the year ahead, and revel in the celebration of light. Embrace the season with unique costumes, cosmic vibes, and a magical atmosphere. Winter Lumina at Raidis Estate Wines is where the winter solstice meets wonder.
Ticket includes:
* Entry to Winter Lumina - experience Raidis Estate as you have never seen it! 
* Light supper
* Fun music - The Happy Leonards


Looking for Costume inspiration?

Celestial Beings: Embrace the magic of the winter night sky by dressing as stars, moons, or constellations. Glittery fabrics, shimmery accessories, and celestial face paint can add a cosmic touch to your costume.

Woodland Enchantment: Channel the enchanting spirit of the forest with costumes inspired by woodland creatures. Deer antlers, faux fur, and earthy tones can create a whimsical and nature-inspired look.

Ice Queen/King: Embody the elegance of winter by dressing as an Ice Queen or King. Sparkling silver and icy blue costumes, along with a frosty crown or tiara, can create a regal and frost-kissed appearance.

Yule Spirits: Pay homage to ancient winter traditions by dressing as Yule spirits or mythical winter creatures. Think of Jack Frost, winter fairies, or snow sprites, and adorn yourself with frosty accessories.

Winter Wanderer: Capture the spirit of a winter wanderer with layers of scarves, faux fur, and cozy hats. Add some snowflake motifs or winter-themed accessories to complete the look.

Luminous Lights: Illuminate the night with costumes inspired by fairy lights. Incorporate LED lights into your attire, creating a magical and ethereal appearance that aligns with the celebration of light.

Candlelit Elegance: Embrace the warmth of candlelight by dressing in elegant attire inspired by candles. Gold and warm tones, along with candle-themed accessories, can create a sophisticated and cozy look.

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