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Raidis Estate
17 June 2021 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Why Travel is good for you

We may not be able to hop on a plane and head for a Euro holiday this year, but there are many benefits to still putting in that annual leave form and getting away travelling this year to somewhere a bit more local.


And Travel can have a lot of benefits that you may not have thought of, so if you need an extra push, here are our top tips.


Decreases stress


This one may be obvious. Any sort of vacation or breakaway is likely to dissolve most of your stress. And this can be extremely beneficial to your health. The less stressed you are, the healthier your whole body will be.

Leaving your worries behind and embarking on a completely new experience will do wonders for your health. 


Keeps you active


Even if you’re not usually active at home, we can promise you that a journey in a new country will get you up and going. City walking tours, hiking gorgeous mountains or forests, and even just the act of rushing through large airports means there is activity involved in any travel itinerary.


Expands your mind


Travelling opens your mind. Immersing yourself in new cultures and discovering unique views of the world will expand your horizons and increase your curiosity. It also nurtures creativity and boosts all the happy hormones in your brain.


Connect more with people


The more you travel, the more people you get to meet. Often these encounters lead to deeper connections that you won’t usually find with people you meet in your neighbourhoods at home. 


Fall in love with life


There’s nothing like spending your days encountering one new experience after another to give you a profound love for life in general. The freedom that comes with travelling, along with the inevitable excitement felt during your explorations, creates a magical feel in your soul. 





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