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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
10 December 2018 | Raidis Estate

What’s in a name?

All our wines are handmade for you to enjoy, and each one has a special place in our hearts. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into making our wines; from growing the grapes to you the customer buying our wines.


But what is in a name? And why goats? Well, we are glad you asked. Each of our wines are named for a reason and here they are:


Our goats are an integral part of the Raidis team, and we consider them part of the family. So, what better way to recognise their contributions than to name many of our wines after them and make them the hero of our label.


“The Kid” Riesling is released young, is lively and bright, and will age well with care (although at no point does the wine turn into a Billy or Mama Goat). A kid in the goat world is the name for the baby goat.


Our “Cheeky Goat” Pinot Gris is not your typical reflection of the style, and neither are the goats whom this wine is named after. It has a personality all its own, and it’s the wine that has a playful side; the one that does things that bit differently.


The “Wild Goat” Shiraz is a beautiful Coonawarra Shiraz, but one that has no interest in conforming with the others in the group. It’s also reflective of the early history of the vineyard. In its early, less “well-kept” days, you’d need to be a wild goat to live there.


The “Mama Goat” Merlot is the feel-good wine of the bunch. It’s the one where each glass feels like a warm embrace from your own mother. It’s soft, comforting, and has you always wanting to come back for more.


The leader of the pack, “Billy” Cabernet is the boldest of them all. It is a wine that demands to go well with everything and has no need to play well with others if it doesn’t want to. Billy represents what the Coonawarra is most famous for, and that is a bold Cabernet Sauvignon that makes no apologies for being the way it is.


And for our flagship wine “The Trip”, the idea is simple. Just like a group of goats is called a “trip” of goats, our flagship wine is the collective of all our best parcels each vintage. This wine is one of elegance, of structure and the finest wine Raidis Estate produces each vintage.


And, we can’t forget our furry four-legged best mate, who gets his very own Sauvignon Blanc label, “The Kelpie”. He, like the wine, is full of life, playful and likes to keep things fresh.


Every Raidis wine shows a personality that reflects its namesake, so it’s not just paying lip service to the animals, we’re introducing you to them through the wines.


So, there you have it. A little insight into why we’ve named our wines the way we have, and how each wine shows its own unique personality which together creates the story that is Raidis Estate. So, next time you enjoy one of our wines, see if you can recognise the personality of its namesake here at Raidis Estate. 




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