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23 July 2021 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Ways to make your friends smile through tough times


The world is wacky right now, that's for sure. We are all exhausted with how things have played out in the last 18months.


Checking in on your mates is always important, but now more than ever, it's essential to do so.


Here are some things to put a smile on your friend's face through tough times.


Send them a care package


Send your friends a beautiful care package out of the blue to let them know that you are thinking of them.


It could be a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine, a care package or just a little something you've handmade like a knitted scarf.


Crack a dad joke or terrible pun


Nothing lightens the load like some fun banter or a belly laugh. So, pull out all those daggy Dad jokes that you usually reserve for Christmas and try and put a smile on one of your friend’s faces.


Give a genuine compliment


If you see something in someone else that you admire, let them know. It could be telling them you like their style, smile or something that they are good at!


The world needs to amplify the good in people more than the bad, this is a great place to start.


Reach out to someone you miss


We all get busy, and time flies by; before you even know it, you might not have caught up with someone in your life who you love dearly for a long time.


Pick up the phone, drop them a text to tell them you are thinking of them and that you miss them.




Many things can be fixed over a meal with a good mate. Schedule a catch-up even though you might not be able to see each other physically right now.


Get it locked in and stick to your plans. Nothing beats a face to face catch up one on one with someone you love.


Write and send a handwritten letter or note


Handwritten notes might be out of fashion, but it's always lovely to receive something in the mail.


Put pen to paper and send your best friend a note


Listen actively


If your friends are going through a hard time, try and support them by just listening to them.


Sometimes the simple act of being there for someone to let them vent is the most important gift you can give to a friend.





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