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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
2 September 2020 | Raidis Estate, Wine Travel | Raidis Estate

Travel your own backyard this Spring

Spring has sprung, and we are excited about the warmer weather and more time spent outside in the sunshine.


Whilst COVID has squashed those International travel plans it doesn't mean that you don't get to travel at all this year, you might just need to do so a little closer to home. If you are lucky enough to live in South Australia, which is (touch wood) mostly COVID free, we are allowed to travel and enjoy our great state.


And, we are betting that there are places you haven’t visited in South Australia even if you’ve lived here all your life.


So, if you need a little bit of encouragement, here are our top five reasons to explore your own backyard this Spring.


It’s easy as


There are no long-haul flights, no waiting in lines at airports and ‘enjoying’ aeroplane food… If you travel at home this year all you need is your car, Google maps and a sense of adventure. 


Close to Adelaide, we have many fantastic travel destinations such as Clare Valley, Kangaroo Island, The Flinders Ranges, the Riverland and of course our home, the Coonawarra, to name a few.



You can take more mini-vacations if you travel locally versus taking one long vacation if you travel abroad.  


Many of us are limited to a certain number of vacation days per year.


By staying closer to home, you will only have to take 1-2 vacation days at a time. That way, you can reward yourself with a holiday more often.


Book several long weekends away instead of 1 or 2 longer trips.



You are supporting local


Whilst you are out and about in South Australia travelling you are supporting local businesses, families and our economy. It’s no secret that local businesses are hurting as a result of COVID.


You will help put money back into your local area. That way, businesses and towns can flourish.  So, get out there and spend money on new local experiences, food and small businesses.


You can be more spontaneous 


There is no need to worry about buying airfare, train or bus tickets ahead of time.  You’re travelling locally, so just get in your vehicle and go or throw a few things in a backpack and head out the door.


You can reduce your carbon footprint


Let’s be real; Travelling to a foreign country is usually not the greatest example of being a sustainable traveller.


Local travel and exploring your own backyard is more eco-friendly, and if you stay really close to your home, you will reduce the carbon footprint significantly.






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