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6 October 2020 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Tips for starting a wine cellar

Do you have grand plans to start your own at home wine cellar?


Collecting wine can seem daunting at first, where do you start, what will keep, etc., etc., but like most things, the best thing you can do is start. Collect what you like and go from there.


Here are our top tips for starting your own wine cellar.


Storage is key


Storing your wine correctly will ensure you get the most out of your wine when you want to drink it. To begin with, ensure your cellar - or wherever you store your wine - is dark as sunlight is a wine’s worst enemy.


So, keep your precious wine away from windows and direct sunlight. Think the coolest and darkest room in your house.


It’s all in the Balance


A balanced cellar will contain wines to suit any occasion. This should include whites and reds, young and mature wines, everyday wines and the more special occasion bottles as well.


These wines can mostly be sourced from good retailers or obtained directly from wineries.


Buy wines you love in a six-pack or dozen


Fallen in love with a bottle of wine? Check with your retailer if you can buy it in a 6-pack or dozen. This will mean two things. The first being that you will be able to drink a few bottles without feeling guilty and the second being, you can drink a bottle at different stages of the ageing process.


This allows you to compare and reflect on what each year brings to the wine.


Have fun with it


Wine shouldn’t be serious; it should be fun. Pick wines that you like and that you intend to drink.


You don't need to pick what you think you should have in there, instead pick things that you enjoy. Life is short, and you should be planning to drink your way through your cellar over time.


Screwcap vs cork


Screwcap wines will retain freshness for longer, than wines under cork. You might want to pick a balance of wine under cork and under screwcap to give you options.


Wine under screw cap may keep better and develop quicker than those under cork, but there still is a particular type of romance that comes with cork and opening an old bottle of wine.



Happy Cellaring!




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