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Raidis Estate
22 December 2017 | Raidis Estate

The biggest Coonawarra wine myth busted!


The biggest Coonawarra wine myth busted!


There are always a lot of myths around wine regions and what they do well, and we are about to smash one of the biggest myths about the Coonawarra region here and now!


The biggest myth about the region as a whole is that the only good thing that comes out of the region is Cabernet Sauvignon. While it’s true that the Coonawarra does some cracking Cab Sav’s (some of the best in Australia), in our eyes, it also has some other hot and ready to drink varietals that are worth a try. 


There are lots of different white varietals produced in the region which people don’t often associate with the Coonawarra. For example; Some delicious Rieslings are coming out of the region. They have a different flavour profile to a classic Watervale Riesling but packing a punch in taste and flavour; they are tangy and refreshing and perfect for a summer’s day.


There are also other varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc’s, Pinot Gris and even some wineries making some pretty tasty bubbles here and there. “We have a lot of winemakers doing exciting and different things, and taking it to the other regions”.


So while the region is often known for those punchy and full flavoured Cabernet Sauvignon’s, there are a lot of pretty, more elegant styles of wine coming out of the region that can hold their own on the Australian (and world) wine stage.


Head to the Coonawarra this summer and give some of these top drops a try.



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