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Raidis Estate
7 December 2017 | Raidis Estate

The Coonawarra, she’s a beauty – Our Top 5 Tips


The Coonawarra, she’s a beauty – Our Top 5 tips

Australia has so many cracking places to visit, and the Coonawarra should be high on the list of those places if you’ve never been before. We are biased, I know, but this incredibly gorgeous place in the world has a lot going for it, not to mention some delish wines.


It really is one of those hidden gems.


Our top tips: 


Enjoy the drive

This seems like a given, but if you are coming from Adelaide or Melbourne, the drive to the Coonawarra is just stunning. If you are coming down from Adelaide, there are the silos at Coonalpyn that are a great selfie spot, and driving into the Coonawarra itself is a pretty amazing experience as you pass all the vines and wineries. If you are coming from Melbourne, take your time and do the scenic route along the Great Ocean Road.



We have some great restaurants for you to enjoy, from easy eats with all the trimmings at our fully stocked country bakery, to award-winning restaurants such as Pipers of Penola, located on the doorstep of the Coonawarra. There really is something for everyone. Just be sure to check opening hours for the time of year you are visiting.



Wine Test

This one is a given, but there are over 20 wineries on the strip in the Coonawarra region. A little-known fact if you haven’t been here before, is most of the wineries are super close together, so it’s easy to pop from one to another.



Jump on board with Coonawarra experiences and let someone else do the hard work of planning your itinerary. These guys do half-day and full-day tours. They will make sure you make it to all the cool spots around town.


Beach life

Just 1hr on from Coonawarra is the gorgeous seaside town of Robe. A perfect spot for fish and chips on the beach while watching the sunset, and drinking a beautiful bottle of Coonawarra wine from your tour. Delish.


So, jump in the car this summer, throw caution to the wind, and come and visit us in our hometown.


And be sure to stop by Raidis Estate to stock up on all your summer favourites. Cheers!







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