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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
9 September 2019 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Spring road trips

There is plenty of reason to plan a road trip this Spring, not the least celebrating the end of the long and cold winter months but also to get out and about and see Australia.


And if you are yet to visit the Limestone Coast or Coonawarra regions you really should plan a trip to our gorgeous spot of the world. 


There are plenty of fun things coming up in our region this Spring; with our 10th birthday celebrations being at the top of the list!

Here are some great reasons to get on the road this Spring and explore.


Relax, recharge and re-set


Taking a well-earned break from the rat race can be just what the doctor ordered if you are feeling a little less than amazing coming out of a long winter.


It's easy to forget just how good it feels to unplug, put the emails to out of office and take some time for yourself, your loved ones and to spend some quality family time.


Having downtime is essential for our health but also helps us manage the day to day stresses of life.


Nothing beats a road trip


Having all the kids, the dog and the luggage squished into the car for an extended period might fill you with dread.


But instead, look at it as an opportunity to spend some time together with no other distractions. And a good game of eye spy can be a great family game and way to pass the time.


See Australia


We can all be guilty of taking this beautiful country that we call home for granted, and most of us have places they have always wanted to visit but have never gotten around too.


A road trip can send you straight into places that might not be your end destination but can be the best part of the journey. You meet new people, see new places and experience things that will make memories forever.


Support a local


Local and regional business is the lifeblood of Australia, and when you are on the road, you have the opportunity to support local businesses; cafes, roadhouses, wineries, etc.


To sample local produce and enjoy local hospitality.


So get out and explore Australia.




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