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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
8 April 2018 | Raidis Estate, Wine Travel | Raidis Estate

South east weather warmers



Southeast weather warmers

The colder months are coming, and as we say farewell to summer many Australians go into a sort of hibernation mode, dreaming of summer and warmer days when they can travel and do the things they want to do.

We say don’t wait for the warmer months to travel. Winter getaways can be just as fun, if not more so, and there are so many things to do out there that are good for the soul.

If you are looking for a cheeky Autumn or Winter getaway here are our top five.


Head to the beach

Sounds like a crazy idea to head to the beach during the winter months, right? But being in a South Australian coastal town in winter can make for an enjoyable trip. With fewer crowds, think long walks on the beach in jeans and cuddly jumpers, wines in the local pub by the fireplace, shopping in the local stores, and cooking hearty meals in a holiday house. It can also be the perfect trip with a bunch of friends. Spots like Robe and Beachport can make for excellent winter warmers.


Take a cruise down the mighty Murray.

Cruising down the mighty Murray River in a houseboat with the family or a group of friends is the perfect winter getaway. You can stay out of the cold but still watch the scenery drift past while you play board games and drink yummy wines. Get everyone to bring along a quirky bottle of wine and cook a meal to match and make it fun. And, many houseboats have the bonus of outdoor spas which are sure to warm you up.


Wine time

You knew we were going to go there, but visiting a wine region a little bit further away from home base for a couple of days will satisfy your need for a bit of adventure and possibly romance. Days spent wine tasting, long lunches by fireplaces, and sampling delicious red wines are sure to keep you warm. We have beautiful wine regions that are a little further afield and make great destinations for a getaway. Isn’t it time you visited the Coonawarra?


Out in nature

Camping is not everyone's cup of tea, but winter camping trips can be full of fun. Open fires, teaching the kids how to cook damper and roast marshmallows. A techno free getaway with no mobile phones or social media and a chance to get cozy in a tent.


Visit a heritage site.

Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but never made the time to. The Naracoorte caves are a great place to take the kids, teach them some history, and learn something yourself too. The Mount Gambier blue lake is up there with places to visit also.


So, get out there in the cooler months and enjoy all South Australia has on offer. 


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