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Raidis Estate
26 November 2021 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Relaxation Series – Take some time for you


We are heading into the silly season, and you might be pushing until the year-end break. We hear you! This time of year can be tough, and it can be hard to carve out time for you.


Here are some little things you can do today to get a bit of relaxation on the daily whilst heading into the Christmas season.


  • Ground yourself by noticing five things around you as you slow your breathing.

  • Take a hot bath or shower.

  • Lay down with your legs elevated and watch your breathing rise and fall.

  • Do some drawing, painting or colouring in.

  • Open the window and let in the fresh air.

  • Have a warm drink.

  • Engage in a visualisation of a place that makes you feel safe.

  • Write down your feelings.

  • Listen to your favourite music.

  • Rub your temples in small circles.

  • Stretch out your body, focusing on the neck, shoulders, and legs.

  • Play a game like Solitaire or do a crossword puzzle.

  • Cuddle a pet if you have one.

  • Write down your worries and tuck the paper away.

  • Sing your favourite song.

  • Light a candle and watch the flame for a few minutes.

  • Write down three small things you're still grateful for.

  • Call a person who makes you laugh.

  • Look through old photos of trips that you enjoyed.

  • Listen to the sounds of nature.

  • Give yourself a spa treatment like a pedicure or soothing face mask.

  • Tell someone you love them.



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