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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
26 November 2018 | Raidis Estate

Minimal Intervention

There is quite a bit of chatter recently about this concept of minimal intervention winemaking, and many wine brands are using the lack of definition and understanding in the market to push branding agendas and play on misconceptions to portray their wines in a certain light.


So, what does minimal intervention mean?


Intervention refers to the level of inputs from external sources to the processes of growing the grapes and making the wines. The greater the intervention, the less the wine becomes a pure representation of the vineyard, and more a representation of the winemaker’s style.  


The intervention in winemaking can really be divided up into 2 broad sections, Vineyard and Winemaking.



This part essentially considers things like vineyard management techniques and other things like pruning method, deficit irrigation (or not), rod or spur pruning amongst others.


At Raidis Estate this is where our goats really shine, as they are the key to helping us avoid using unwanted sprays and treatments in our vineyard.



This area of the process is really where it’s the easiest to “intervene” and influence the resulting wine style.


There are so many options when making wine, and ultimately the choices (interventions) made by the winemaker are guided by the “house style”, and with the aim of creating the best possible finished wine.


Examples of these options are things like the type of yeast added to ferment the grape juice to wine, or if indigenous yeast is used (i.e. no added yeast, just what’s already in the winery), through to the temperature of the fermentor the age and toast of the barrels used to age the wine to name just a few.


Winegrowing and Winemaking is very much a science and an art form, and at any point during the process inputs can vary the resultant wine.


Intervention need not be thought of as a dirty word as it can bring the winemaker’s unique palate and skill into the process, and help to create the very best representation of what the wine can be.


What we would say about the way we do it, is that we intervene only just enough in the process to show you the best version of Raidis Estate, and in doing so producing beautiful, expressive wines which showcase both our estate vineyard in the Coonawarra, and the expert skill of our Winemaker to bring it all together in the bottle.







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