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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
2 September 2021 | Raidis Estate

It’s a spring thing

Spring has sprung, and it is that time of year that we all look forward to as the flowers bloom, the vines come out of hibernation and the weather starts to warm.


If you have been in the winter/Covid funk, we feel you.


Here are our top reasons to love Spring.


The blooms they are a coming


Spring season ushers in all the gorgeous blossoms and blooms to enjoy. Not so great for hay fever sufferers, but it sure is a pretty time of the year as you get to enjoy all the fresh flowers, Spring fruits and the vines start to grow again.


The days get longer, and the weather gets warmer


This one is a given, but doesn’t it just make you feel so much better about life when we get a bit more sunshine?


It means summer is not far away, and we can start planning outdoor picnics, dinners with friends and outdoor exercise.


Fresh air


Spring means you can open your windows wide and enjoy the fresh air, and fresh air really does do wonders for the soul.


Peoples’ Mood Improves


After a dreary winter, sunlight is the best remedy. Scientists have proven that sunlight exposure increases your body's release of serotonin in the brain, causing people to be happier.


Sunlight also lessens the amount of melatonin in people during the day and increases it at night, allowing for a better nights sleep.


Outdoor wines in the sunshine


There is really nothing better than sipping on a vino in the sunshine! Take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy.






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