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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
20 May 2021 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

How well do you know your Raidis wines?


As the weather gets chilly, we all head instead to see out the winter months; and let’s face it, you might be looking for fun and exciting ways to entertain your friends when they come over for dinner.


Why not have a wine party night of sorts to see how well you and all your friends know your Raidis wines.


If you consider yourself are a Raidis enthusiast, wine lover, top fan on Facebook or just a willing consumer, then this game is the one for you.


And it’s a fun game because it involves drinking wine, your best friends and something delicious to eat. All our favourite things really.


All you will need is one or more of each of our wines – most manageable with our reds and a bunch of willing friends, some eats and beats, and you have yourself a fun night.


Oh, and some paper bags to ensure that no one knows which wine they are drinking. You can even spice things up by throwing in some different vintage years.


Pop on some of your favourite tunes, cook up some delicious eats and start tasting through the wines.


We suggest doing up some simple scorecards with the following questions for your guests:


  • Aroma – Tell us about the smell.

  • Flavour – What can you taste? Berries, oak, etc.

  • One word to describe the wine you are drinking.

  • I would drink this wine with?

  • Which Raidis wine are you drinking?



Get your friends to score each wine and have prizes for matching the wine to our tasting notes or getting the wine right.





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