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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
24 February 2020 | Raidis Estate

How to travel more often

Do you wish you could hit the open road a little bit more often? Is more travel a goal of yours for 2020?


We hear you!


Getting out of your comfort zone and hitting the open road, jumping on a plane and heading to a new location can do wonders for your health, relationships and to spark new ideas.


If travel is your goal, you might be asking; but how can I make that a reality? Well here are some tips for getting more travel time in this year.



Explore Where You Live


Let's start small with a weekend staycation. That's right: Be a tourist in your own city. You might just be surprised to find how much a spa day makes you feel like you just got back from Bali.


And of course, if you have never been to the Coonawarra, we highly recommend packing the car, the kids and even the dog and heading our way for a weekend getaway.


Cut back on unnecessary spending


I know… boring but having a budget and cutting back on unnecessary spending can help you reach your goals a whole lot quicker. Try and have one less coffee or lunch out a week and add this into a saving bank account.


Maybe call it your adventure account for when you want to throw caution to the wind and go away somewhere.


Subscribe to travel blogs and airline deal emails


Be the first to hear about all the latest deals by subscribing to hotel and holiday deals; that way you can book a getaway when the prices are reasonable and spend less money in the process. Win, win.


Spontaneity is often rewarded


Be willing to throw caution to the wind and travel and go when and where you can on a whim, if you have a free weekend coming up or a slow time at work that you can take some additional leave, why not book a trip away?


Travel is worth working for

You might have to work hard and sacrifice some things to fulfil your dream of travelling more, but it's worth working for. You will always remember experience over things and getting out and exploring is good for the soul.






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