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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
24 March 2020 | Raidis Estate

How to take the edge off self-isolation


Had you ever heard the term self-isolation before recent times??? Us neither, but now it is daily talk these days. We are longing for the days when we can sit back around a table, with a cheese platter and chink glasses with our Billy Goat crew…


And while working from home and being housebound might seem nice at first… inevitably then boredom sets in, and you need a good stack of things to keep the time passing, some self-care and keeping your mind active.


So here they are… Our top self-isolating tips!


Read all those books sitting on your bedside table collecting dust

You know who you are… the hoarder of books over there in the far corner. Well now is your time to enjoy the slowdown and get reading…


Plant a veggie patch

Now more than ever, sustainable living should be a focus for all. So, it’s high time that you plant that veggie patch and watch your garden grow.


Eat good food

Now is the time to be giving your immune system a fighting chance, so try and eat good food where and when you can. Get into the kitchen and cook your meals from scratch, and maybe even host a virtual dinner party.



Have you ever wanted to take up painting, photography or some other creative hobby? Well now might be your time to get into that creative hobby that you can do at home.



Time to organise that cellar, spare room or cupboard that you stuff things into… now is your time to get it done. We suggest doing it with a good glass of vino in hand for good measure. And when you’ve organised the cellar and realise you need more vino, give us a call.



Sounds simple right, but most of us are really sleep-deprived, so if you can fit in a few extra hours of shut-eye, then do so. Take this time to slow down and enjoy some self-care time.


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You know you want too, join us for some fun, hilarity and wine tasting this Friday from 5:30 pm. Just jump on our Facebook page and enjoy the magic.




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