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Raidis Estate
25 November 2019 | Raidis Estate

Green alternatives to wrapping paper this Christmas

We’ve all been there. After the mayhem of Christmas present opening time there are piles and piles of ripped Christmas wrapping paper strewn around the living room, which often swiftly gets packed up and put in the bin.


Possibly you keep some of it, but let’s face it if you have kids most of it gets ruined in the opening process.


So, what are some green wrapping alternatives?


We are glad you asked.




Baskets can make great present givers for plants, toys and food and wine goodies. They are re-usable and can help store things around the home.


They also come in a range of assorted sizes and shapes to suit your home.



Paper Bags


Paper bags can become really pretty wrapping paper when you add bits and pieces from around the house. And they can be decorated with markers, stickers, etc.


You can also add a ribbon to jazz them up.


Old maps


Who still has a book of road maps sitting in their car somewhere collecting dust?


Maps can make great wrapping paper for smaller items such as books, and you can even mark some landmarks that you have visited or created memories at.


Re-used gift bags


You are bound to have a stash of reusable gift bags lying around at home somewhere. How about giving some of these a new lease on life by getting the kids to paint designs on them, or just simply re-use them.




Furoshiki is a method of folding cloth into beautiful packages. Using a piece of beautifully printed cloth with a few knots in interesting places will create an eye-catching package.







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