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12 August 2021 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Dads day is fast approaching, and it’s a day to celebrate all our Dad’s do for us. And you may want to organise a little something to show Dad just how much you care.


Here are some things you can do to show Dad he is the best, that are not your traditional socks and undies.


And all our gift ideas are DIY too.


Homemade Grilling Apron


Give kids a range of fabric markers and paints to choose from, and then watch as they turn a plain white apron into something special for your family's grill master.


Hot Chilli Oil


Spice up Dad’s special day with hot pepper-infused olive oil. Grab some good olive oil, a re-purposed bottle and some chillies from your garden or the local shops and you have all you need to make it. It’s almost guaranteed he’ll be drenching his meats, eggs and veggies with this gift


Fun Shaped Pancakes

Want to prepare something different than the typical breakfast in bed? Jazz up Dad’s morning with one-of-a-kind pancakes. design pancakes in the shapes of tools, ties or sports equipment.


Handmade card


Get creative and make Dad a card that he will cherish forever. Tell Dad just how much you love by putting pen and crayon to paper and drawing a beautiful handcrafted design for him to keep forever.


Spend time with him


The best gift you can give Dad this Father’s Day is the spend some time with him.


Play your favourite sport together, go for a walk or do some gardening together. These will be the memories you will remember the best.









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