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12 February 2022 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Fun facts about making wine that you might not have heard about

There is this mystery surrounding wine and winemaking that people are fascinated by, and while many of you will know a little something about wine, or the making of it, I’d hazard a guess that you don’t know everything (contrary to what you might tell your friends after a few of Raidis Estate’s finest).


So, in the spirit of sharing, we’ve come up with a few (light-hearted) gems that will keep you ahead of your friends the next time you’re having those fun conversations (you know the ones!).


One of the most important contributors to a glass of wine is the grape skin. It's where all the colour, flavour, and aroma components are held (as opposed to the pulpy inside the grape) and essentially contribute to the "primary" fruit characteristics. It’s the winemaker’s job to release them (Secondary characters are the ones that the winemaking process introduces).


One ton of grapes will usually yield between 500 and 700 litres of wine. That's between ~650 and 900 bottles. The exact amount depends on variety, region, climate, grape growing, and winemaking practices.


Wine is fat-free and cholesterol-free. Need we say more?!


There is such a thing as a fear of wine. It's called Oenophobia. This is likely not relevant to this audience, but fun to know!


Putting ice and salt together in an ice bucket will help chill that white wine faster! Pro-tip.


One for the next time a winemaker is getting a bit too big for their boots; remind them that you can put grapes in a bucket or hole in the ground, step in them, let them ferment and technically, they will become wine. It won't be good wine, but it's still wine (so yeah, anyone can make it!).


So, there you have it. A few little gems (some serious, and some not so much) to share the next time you’re enjoying a glass or two with your friends!


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