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8 April 2021 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Fun and creative things to do with the kids these school holidays

School holidays sure do swing around quickly, especially after we have just gotten through Easter! You might already be exhausted thinking about how you are going to keep the kids entertained this school holidays – pass the wine!


Well, here are some easy and creative ideas of things to do with kids that are fun and don't cost the earth.


Plant a veggie garden and watch it grow


Let the little ones pick out some winter veggies. Things such as Chinese cabbage, Asian greens, spinach, rocket, broccoli, spring onions, asparagus, celery, endive, squash, onions, silverbeet, leeks and lettuce grow well at this time of the year.


Plan out where you are going to plant the garden and get started. Then they can watch the garden grow over several months and hopefully enjoy the fruits of their labour.


Make homemade ice blocks


You can make homemade ice blocks relatively easily if you purchase some reusable popsicles moulds from your local kitchenware store.


Pick a recipe that you know the kidlets will like and set about to make the ice blocks with your kids.


If your children are a little bit older, you might like to leave them some instructions and let them give it a go for themselves.


Create Story Stones


You can collect as many stones as you want and use either acrylic paints or the oil-based sharpie and let their young minds get creative.


Get them to decorate the stones with their favourite book or movie characters or tell a story of their own.


Scavenger Hunt


Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, and it will give them something to broaden their minds at the same time as providing a fun activity.


You can set out the hunt around your home, in the local neighbourhood or even when you are away staying in a caravan park. There is endless fun to be had.



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