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30 December 2020 | Raidis Estate | Raidis Estate

Creative ways to use leftover wrapping paper

If your house is anything like ours was on Christmas morning, it looks like an explosion of wrapping paper after all the presents have been enjoyed by the little and big kids alike and you might be thinking… what a waste of all that wrapping paper.


If you've got kids to keep entertained this summer holidays and a creative streak, then these are some ways to recycle and reuse that leftover wrapping paper.


Wrapping paper cards


Cut your favourite wrapping paper into shapes and strips and glue them to the outside of a blank card to make more personal greeting cards for Christmas time next year.


Make wrapping paper bunting


Got an event coming up that you might like to celebrate with some homemade decorations?


Why not make some wrapping paper bunting.


Shred-it into paper confetti


Messy, but oh so delightful.


Use a paper shredder to make festive confetti for your next party. That shit will get everywhere, but it will look festive, that's for damn sure.



Use discarded paper to line a box containing something fragile


Leftover wrapping paper makes the perfect packing material if you need to send gifts or items in the mail.


Construct and hang decorative streamers


Streamers for kids’ parties or even just a craft exercise to do with the kids.


A hole punch and some string + your leftover wrapping paper = beautiful party decorations for your next bash, or just because. 


Line plain bookshelves or plain drawers


If you have some bare looking shelves in your kid's rooms or office, wrapping paper can brighten things up.


You can also line plain draws to make them a bit brighter; all you will need is some craft glue, a ruler and that leftover paper.







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