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Raidis Estate

Raidis Estate
10 July 2018 | Raidis Estate


Have you ever seen a gymnast perform? Carefully executing their movements on high bars, or hanging from rings while doing flips, twists and turns. The beauty of this sport relies on skill, technique and most of all, balance.


Wine is no different. Although it’s unlikely you’ll find Stevo anywhere near a gymnastics arena, or dressed in lycra! Wine becomes unbalanced when one thing or another doesn’t fit well into the synergy of the rest of the wine. i.e. there is too much acid, too much tannin, not enough alcohol etc. You get the picture!


Making great wines that people love to drink requires a lot of planning, a lot of skill, and much balance. Balancing of inputs in the vineyard and inputs in the winery all combining into the magic that is in the bottle. It’s funny how making a wine can be related to gymnastics, but just think if a gymnast puts their arm out the wrong way, or misses a critical step, they become unbalanced and can fall, hardly making for a beautiful display of perfect form. In much the same way, if all the components of a wine are not in synergy with the others or the wrong kind of oak is used, the wine can become unbalanced and doesn’t perform as well as it should or could.


It’s for this reason that we take special care to make sure our wines are harmonious, that all the parts and inputs are in sync and most of all that the wine is balanced because in balance there is beauty.


Next time you have a glass of wine, think about how well all its parts work together, and know how much care and attention has gone into making those grapes the best they can be!


Disclaimer: Please don’t drink wine and then attempt to do gymnastics!


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